Asia Pacific Association of Hydrology and Water Resources (APHW)

Terms of Reference

1. Aim

To promote in an appropriate framework for the Asia Pacific region:

- Exchange of operational knowledge and experience in water resources management, and
- Research activities and education.

2. Activities

- Promotion of hydrological studies in Asia Pacific region.
- Research on water utilization and management methodologies.
- Organization of conferences and workshops.
- Establishing education program.
- Sharing of data and information.
- Publication of journal.
- Others

3. Membership and Fee

- Membership is open for individuals and institutes.

- No membership fee is charged, while donations from individuals and institutes are appreciated.

4. Decision

Decision is made by consensus of members.

5. Organization

- Secretary General (SG) is the only official post of the Association.
- SG is responsible for management of the Association.
- SG may nominate assistants, as needed, for his/her term
- SG may establish committee(s) to fulfill his/her duties, as needed, for his/her term.
- For a committee, SG may determine the terms of reference and nominate the chairperson.
- Chairperson of a committee may nominate members with consent by SG.

Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resource will serve as the Secretariat of the Association for initial five years. The President of the Society will nominate the SG of the Association.

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