Management of water utilization systems including conservation and improvement of water environments in urban area

Main research objectives of our laboratory, which belongs to the Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) in the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI), are on management of water utilization systems including conservation and improvement of water environment, especially in urban area. The main studies that have been recently carried out or under way are about as follows :


  • System Dynamics approach to regional water resources system
  • Support systems for water resources management by Artificial Intelligent Technology
  • Development of GIS-based methodology for synthetic evaluation of all states on river basin system for the sound water resources planning and management
  • Characteristics and prediction of abnormally low precipitation phenomena
  • Long-term forecasting of water resources using Pattern Recognition Technology
  • Land surface model SIBUC developed for providing lower boundary conditions of climate models.
  • Comprehensive environment dynamics model Hydro-BEAM (Hydrological River Basin Assessment Model), developed for the simulation of water quantity, quality and ecosystem dynamics in the atmosphere, surface and ground zones.
  • Integrated river basin management with the objective of pursuing a rational balance between water environments, traditional water culture, and regional development.
  • Short and long-term prediction for water resources operation systems, utilizing artificial intelligence technologies such as fuzzy set, neural network, chaos theory and pattern recognition.

Research topics