Surface Parameters in Seyhan River Basin (ICCAP)

  • Basin boundary and topography (Gtopo30+HYDRO1k)
  • Vegetation Type (just cut from GLCC-v2)
  • Vegetation Type (modified by NDVI time-series analysis)
  • Soil Type (just cut from FAO soil map)
  • Domain of RCM 8km product
  • average annual cycle of NDVI (SPOTVEG)
  • 6-annual cycle of NDVI (SPOTVEG)

    Near surface meteorological elements
    (RCM version2 product)

    year, month, day, hour, Prec(mm/hr), SWdown(W/m2), LWdown(W/m2),
    Psurf(hPa), Wind(m/sec), Tair(K), Qair(g/kg), Eair(hPa)

  • Adana(Present) 1.64MB
  • Adana(Warm-up) 1.64MB

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