Photography of the Seyhan River Basin in Turkey

ICCAP field trip (2004/3/12-3/21)           Page 1

Tas Bridge Merkez Mosque Merkez Mosque Dome Stained glass
shop in Adana vegetables dinner (3/13) EIE station at Seyhan Gate right  irrigation canal signboard of Seyhan Gate
Seyhan Gate
(N37.017, E35.328)
Seyhan river Seyhan Gate greenhouse
(water melon)
irrigation canal repairment of irrigation canal crop field (vegetable) crop field (vegetable) canal and snow mountain
(N36.944, E35.415)
branch of irrigation canal irrigation canal gate of YS2 flow gauge for irrigation water
(N36.932, E35.383)
(N36.918, E35.354)
end point of irrigation canal
YS71 YS71 Citrus tree lemon crop field
(winter wheat)
(N36.904, E35.342)
pump for drainage seaside (Karatas)
(N36.563, E35.386)
pumping station
(N36.604, E35.390)
drain tube
crop field
(winter wheat)
crop field
(winter wheat)
Akyatan Golu
(N36.572, E35.323)
fence for fish tower of Mosque
(N36.582, E35.370)
irrigation water tank landscape from Mosque 1 landscape from Mosque 2 landscape from Mosque 3 landscape from Mosque 4

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